Plenary Lectures

Amélie Catala

“Trained dogs and chemical analysis demonstrate the existence of an epileptic seizure odour in humans.”


Daniel Promislow

“The Dog Aging Project: A Citizen Science Study to Identify the Determinants of Healthy Aging in Companion Dogs.”


Elisabete Pires and Catarina Ginja

“Origins and evolution of dogs from Iberia and the Maghreb – The Woof project.”


Jaume Fatjó 

“A clinical perspective of the human-animal bond.”


Jennifer Vonk

“Comparative Cognition: Thinking outside (and in) the (Multi-access) Box.”


Per Jensen

“Domestication, genes and behaviour – lessons from chickens and dogs.”


Peter Sandøe

“Pampered pets or poor bastards? Welfare of dogs kept as companion animals.”

More details about the program will be published soon!